e4 Deeds is a complete Deeds Office workflow solution that enables lodging attorneys to electronically communicate with corresponding attorneys. Using the mobile e4 DeedScanner, clients can send immediate progress updates on matters as they progress through the Deeds Office.

Why use e4 Deeds?

  • Tracking of matters in Deeds Office with full transparency of the Deed Office registration process
  • Unique workflow tracking solution, which provides automated status updates from within the Deeds Office
  • Limit your professional liability as all communication is logged in an audit trail
  • An online platform to manage all your Deeds Office transactions anywhere in South Africa
  • No software updates required for this secure web-based solution with enabled cloud storage


  • Scan and update transactions with your mobile device
  • Various matter stages are instantly communicated with all associated firms
  • The latest in mobile technology enables our clients to send immediate progress updates on matters
  • Presence of support staff at Deeds Offices for assistance

Document Generation:

  • Automated Prep and Execution lists
  • Extensive reporting module allows for a detailed overview of the conveyancing department
  • Custom management reports available on request


  • Accurately communicate instructions to all associated firms
  • Email notifications on selected progress updates
  • Full audit trail on each matter
  • Single platform to manage all your Deeds Office transactions lodged anywhere in South Africa


  • Reinforced marketing with branded emails and reports
  • Become part of an extensive network of lodging attorneys across South Africa
  • Networked attorneys

Invoicing and Accounts:

  • Includes a fully featured agency conveyancing billing module
  • This includes the option to generate Statement of Account
  • Integrated account management software: AJS, Legal Suite and LAPWAC
  • Accurate Deeds Office and Conveyancing fees

DeedScanner is a value-added product used in conjunction with our Deeds application. The product enables lodging agents to electronically communicate progress updates on transactions in the Deeds Office. DeedScanner is downloaded onto a Smartphone, iOS or Android device. The process of receiving and submitting progress updates on transactions is done in a matter of seconds using the barcode supplied by the Deeds Office.

How does it work?

In simple terms, the user will electronically scan a barcode using the Smartphone device camera or manually enter a Deeds Office barcode to retrieve the e4 application details. The app will display a summary view of the transaction details linked to that barcode and this instantaneously gives users the ability to submit a status update on single or multiple transactions. These status changes will be updated immediately and sent to the relevant attorney or correspondent office via Deeds. DeedScanner has further utilised device technology to enable the user to take photos of the file or the rejection notes. These images are uploaded to the e4 transaction and shared via email integrated platforms. Being able to do this, will provide the attorney with the ability to immediately report and communicate minor issues or rejection notes pertaining to transactions.


  • Electronic-based communication for Deeds Office matters
  • Communicate progress updates from your device
  • Users have the ability to submit status updates on single or multiple transactions
  • Status changes made reflect immediately
  • Send a photograph of the lodgement file or rejection notes to Deeds
  • Update the Deeds Office fee related to the transaction in Deeds
  • Parties are notified electronically in Deeds and via email
  • Available for free on iOS and Android stores

Should you require additional details relating to Deeds or Deed Scanner, our team is on hand to assist.

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