Transfers is an online solution that uses an intelligent workflow to logically guide users through the transfer process.

Why use e4 Transfers?

  • No expensive servers required
  • No specialised IT personnel needed
  • No backups and disaster recovery required
  • Minimum capital outlay required

Work from anywhere, at any time:

  • Web-based making it completely mobile
  • Users have access from anywhere and staff can even work from home

High Quality, Compliant Documents:

  • Compliant with all legislation, e.g. Deeds Registries Act, 1937

Reduce Possible Rejections:

  • A simplistic manner of drafting your Extending Clause
  • Importing functionality of the Deeds Office Search
  • Property Description Preview
  • Global Library
  • Party Description Preview

Easy to use, innovative functionality improves productivity:

  • Sectional Title opening and sales could not be easier
  • Comprehensive audit trail (no drawing the file)
  • Central document management, e.g. Upload Deed of Sales
  • Sophisticated pro-forma and final accounts
  • Create and send professionally branded emails with your company logo
  • Manage your rates clearance request within the transfer

e4 Transfer Tracker provides clients with a mobile application to communicate with their transfer attorney and track the progress of their matter.


  • Mobile
  • Secure
  • Direct communication between attorney and client
  • Direct tracking of matters in Deeds Office

Target Market:

Transfer attorneys - for their clients to track their property transfer

Should you require additional details relating to Transfer or Transfer Tracker, our team is on hand to assist.

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